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All tickets are evaluated at 80 baht (S$3.20) anyway Mr Mongkol, a past farmer from the northern territory of Nakhon Sawan, carefully demands that each customer hurls in 10 or 20 baht more, for “rice money”.

“I won’t sell it for more than the controlled expense, yet I demand graciousness,” he says. “To be sure, even the cop gives me a couple.

He gets it.”

(Above) At Wat Mahabut, a haven in Bangkok, admirers rub scented oil onto the capacity compartment of a tree, searching for a lottery number. Over at Wat Hua Lamphong in Bangkok, Mr Mongkol Charoenphon sells lottery tickets. ST PHOTOS: TAN HUI YEE

Thailand’s lottery vendors are having a lean time after the realm’s military government fixed execution against misrepresented lottery tickets.

Junta pioneer and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, tired of the nonattendance of progression around one year in the wake of broadcasting war on profiteering in the lottery trade, sacked the entire board at the Government Lottery Office (GLO) in May.

He presented two-star general Apirat Kongsompong, the designated official of the essential furnished power an area which oversees Bangkok, as its chief. click to read

Over at Wat Hua Lamphong in Bangkok, Mr Mongkol Charoenphon (above) birds of prey lottery tickets. ST PHOTOS: TAN HUI YEE

All the more firmly ENFORCEMENT

Officials were sent onto the paths to demoralize shippers from selling tickets for more than 80 baht. Errant sellers were undermined with a 10,000-baht fine just as one month’s restorative office.

Around 80 per cent of the lottery market has been brought into line, Major-General Apirat uncovers to The Straits Times.

In any case, he expects to clean up the trade further and maybe present enduring arrangement outlets, to update the astounding scattering structure that has to expand costs by as much as 50 per cent.

The issue has been thorny, despite for an organization that until April 1 administered with military law, and continues utilizing by and large power through a stipulation meanwhile Constitution.


I won’t sell it for more than the controlled expense, yet I demand thoughtfulness. Even the cop gives me a couple. He gets it.

MR MONGKOL CHARENTON, a past farmer from the northern zone of Nakhon Sawan. Tan Hui Yee Thailand Correspondent

Preceding the crackdown, the GLO offered passes to wholesalers at 74.4 baht. Each ticket had a spread expense of 80 baht yet was continually sold for extra, supposedly in light of the control of a social event of wholesalers named the “Five Tigers”. From time to time, tickets recently cost more than 80 baht when they accomplished the hands of little-scale shippers, who by then sold the tickets for 110 or 120 baht each.

Presenting PRICES

The qualities of Thai Lottery 3up tips bring about assist blow with increasing expenses. Buyers offer up expenses of tickets with hopeful numbers, in perspective on the dates of birth, death and various numbers identified with understanding n figures in people in general eye.

The number on the selection plate of removed boss Yingluck Shinawatra’s vehicle was a conspicuous bet during her time in control.

Thirty-7,000,000 tickets are sold for each fortnightly draw. The intensity creates on the eve of draws on the first and sixteenth of consistently.

Bangkok’s Mahabut haven, which houses a shack dedicated to a purportedly liberal neighbourhood soul called Mae Nak, is open 24 hours to punters searching for numbers.

The Underground Thai Lottery

It’s astounding, for a country that blocks most kinds of wagering, to scrutinize that a normal 70% of Thais are standard theorists.

Or then again is it?

It’s regularly said that Thai discourse is overpowered by two things: sustenance, and the “underground lottery” (Huay).

If the organization run Thai lottery is huge money, by then the underground lottery is idiotically colossal money.

It contains a huge arrangement of sellers working parallel lotteries that connote a hard and fast entire of 4-5 times the monetary impact of the official Thai lottery.

They are unlawful, clearly, yet essentially hard to make a move against.

How might they work?

The unlawful Thai lotteries rely upon the official Thai lottery to draw their triumphant numbers.

Regardless, they incorporate two or three extra turns.

Rules and Prizes of the Underground Thai Lottery

For example:

Match the last two numbers absolutely: pays 1,000 baht for each 12 baht wager

Match the last three numbers absolutely: pays 500 baht for each 1 baht wager

Match the last three numbers in any solicitation: pays 90 baht for each 1 baht wager

Search the web and you will find different casual Thai lottery workplaces; some in Thailand, some held abroad for Thai expats who can’t beat their shiver for each other month draw.

These punters are pulled in to more prominent prizes, better chances of winning, credit purchases and the settlement of putting orders for their favoured numbers on the web.

What does this let us think about Thai Lottery?

1. You’re most likely not going to get rich from the Thai lottery.

2. This loves the surge of a waver.

BANGKOK • Wat Hua Lamphong, an old haven in downtown Bangkok, has hardly mixed when 60-year-old Mongkol Charoenphon starts making his rounds in the compound.

He underpins a home-set forth show safeguard framed out of two picture traces. Inside, he has stapled numerous lottery tickets, all with promising numbers searched for by buyers.

There’s a lot of tickets with six digits completing with “28”, the day Thailand’s Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was brought into the world 62 years earlier. Others end with “22”, the day the Thai military clutched control from the non-military faculty government in May a year prior.

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